Peach box shape box, Beïjing cinnabar lacquer

multicolored engraved lacquer, tianqi type.
Qianlong period (1736-1795)
H: 7cm W: 11cm H : 10,5cm

Carved and lacquered peach shape cinnabar box wood, so called Beïjing lacquer; Inside of the box and the cover, as well as the flat base, with a glossy black lacquer. Peach shape box, carved in the several layers of the  lacquer with different thickness making a three dimensions effect; geometric patterns on the sides, above a shou character band, and the top with the main figure of “He Xiangxu”, Taoïste immortal, and her attendant by her sides , together above a fruit tree, surrounded by rocks.

Similar example :“Mastrepieces of Chinese carved lacquer ware in the national Palace Museum”, Taïpeï, Taïwan. Planche N° 45.