Pair of Wucaï porcelain Bangchiuping shape rouleau vases

Wucai enamels porcelain
Kangxi period, (1662-1722 ), Jingdezhen kilns, Jiangxi Province
French private collection

Rouleau Shape, straight neck and everted rim, it’s a perfect pair, the motives facing each other; a bird couple above rocks, peonies and prunus is the main decoration, the neck ornated by lotuses branches .
The hand of the artist particularly free and spontaneous;
Very bright and shiny glaze, the black enamel discreetly surrounding and detailing the drawing, iron red, three different green, gilt. All very bright and shaded, typical of the new palette, especially the greens created by Kangxi’s craftsmen when the Emperor rebuilt Jindezhen kilns.
The under glazed cobalt blue is really dark and reveals the quality and quantity used;
The cobalt has always been very expensive and its deepness and colour reflect the money spent on these vases;
During the Kangxi Era, the introduction of the new palette, leaving away the Wucaï,make us conclude an early date of production, 17th century.
The base is glazed and bare foot .