Lacquer drum shape Kobako Maximize

Lacquer drum shape Kobako

Gilt and silver lacquered wood
18th century
H 6,5 cm L, 9,3 cm P, 7 cm,
Private italian collection

Very light drum shape box, Kobako ,the lacquer imitating the veines of the wood, decorated in maki-e red gilt and siver lacquer, with a couple of a cokerel and a hen, the ends are ornemanted with one dragon one edge, and on coat-of-arms on the other edge.Nashi-ji lacquer inside.This box is one of the very precious and valuable items brought back from japan, found in european Kings and queens collections.

Les laques du japon,Collections de Marie Antoinette.Château de Versailles: 15th of october 2001-16th of January 2002.