A cloisonné enamel "garlic-mouth" bottle wall vase Maximize

A cloisonné enamel "garlic-mouth" bottle wall vase

Gilt bronze and cloisonné enamels
Qianlong period (1736-1795)
Height : 20 cm
French private Collection

 The bottle vase with a long neck ending in "garlic-mouth", with  two gilt bronze stylized chilong handles. The decoration with alternating patterns of butterflies and melons. The body resting on a short foot with ruyi's heads. In China, the melon or gourd (gua 瓜) is, because of the many fruits that each stem of the plant bears and the many seeds found inside them, a symbol for ceaseless generations of descendants. When this symbol is associated with the butterfly (die 蝶), it recalls the auspicious phrase guadie mianmian(瓜瓞綿綿) "May there be ceaseless generations of sons and grandsons."

BRINKER Helmut et LUTZ Albert. Chinese Cloisonné. The Pierre Uldry Collection. Fig. 223.