Small round black japanese lacquered box Maximize

Small round black japanese lacquered box

Black and gold lacquered wood with mother-of-pearl inlays
18th century
Height : 5,5 cm / Diameter : 8 cm
French private collection - collection of Dr. Mené

The circular box with the lid decorated with a pattern of two overlappping peacock feathers in takamaki-e, the eyespots inlaid with mother-of-pearl raden. Inside the box and lid a hiramaki-e butterflies and patterns in flight and hiramaki-e plants on a background of nashiji lacquer. The beauty of Japanese lacquers will make them appreciate not only in their country but also in the West. The Europeans discover Japanese lacquerware at the end of the 16th century through the first missionaries and Portuguese merchants. Throughout the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, Japanese lacquers were to be the subject of a profitable trade. The amateurs of the eighteenth century Europe will love it, praising the extreme delicacy, refinement and preciousness of these productions. The great aristocrats will assiduously collect Japanese lacquerware, like Madame de Pompadour or Queen Marie Antoinette.