A red brown lacquered wooden figure of Manjusri Maximize

A red brown lacquered wooden figure of Manjusri

Lacquered wood
Yuan dynasty (1279 - 1368)
Height : 16,5 cm
Private collection from the East of France

The figure of the bodhisattva Manjusri sitting in vamardhaparyanka on a rock, his left hand holding a book, his right arm resting on his knee, dressed in a fine dhoti elegantly draped, scarves on his shoulders, a fine necklace on the chest. The head with a diadem, the hair carefully detailed, the face with the benevolent expression, the thin lips with a slight smile. The wood with a beautiful brown and red patina  highlighting the details of the sculpture. The bodhisattva Manjusri, whose name means "Gentle Glory", personifies the knowledge (prajna) of all Buddhas. It is characterized by two attributes, the sword and the sacred text. Mount Wutai, in Shanxi Province of China, is a high Buddhist pilgrimage and considered the land residence of Manjusri.