A pewter fondue set with insects and hardstones cabochons Maximize

A pewter fondue set with insects and hardstones cabochons

Pewter and hardstones
Late 19th century
Height : 13 cm / Lenght : 39 cm / Profondeur : 39 cm
French private Collection

The quadrilobe shaped fondue set, with two handles on the sides and resting on four small lingzhi-shaped feet. The inside with five removable cylindrical compartments with their lids engraved with floral patterns and shou (寿) characters stylized with buttons in the form of insects and vegetables with inlaid hardstone cabochons. The central compartment houses four small polylobed bowls engraved with birds among the flowers, its lid ornamented with flowers and characters in medallions writing the auspicious formula luwei gaosheng(禄位高陞)("elevation of status and rank") . The sides incised with birds and butterflies among the flowers on a delicately pitted background. The polylobed lid decorated with figures of the Eight Daoist Immortals and ideograms in medallions forming the inscription yipin dangchao (品 當 朝 朝), surmounting a frieze of flowers and bats, the knob in shape of two peaches of immortality with hardstones inlays.