Lacquer maki-e, hiramaki-e, takamaki-e, nashi-ji Maximize

Lacquer maki-e, hiramaki-e, takamaki-e, nashi-ji

Lacquered wood gilt silver nashiji maki-e takamaki-e hiramaki-e decorations
18th century
24,2 x 22 x 4 cm.
French private collection Acquired in Japan in the first part of the 18th Century.

Suzuribako (writting set ), silver and gilt lacquer, painting techniques using  maki-e, hiramaki-e, takamaki-e, nashiji ( aventurine) , square gold leaves called  kirigane, inlaid with semi precious stones , lead leaves embellishing the landscape and and fitting the edges.
Decorated with a continuous  landscape of houses mountains and rivers.
Similar technique on the inside, with a bridge above a river. Mizuhire in gilt bronze and silver, engraved with vegetal motifs and ink stone.