Famille rose Bourdloue porcelain, East Indian Compagnie Maximize

Famille rose Bourdloue porcelain, East Indian Compagnie

Famille Rose enamels porcelain
Jingdezhen kilns, East indian Company
H : 5 cm Diameter : 6 cm

Famille rose Porcelain Bourdaloue of round shape, painted in orange-red, gold and Famille rose enamels, with leaves and fruits, fishes and eagles under petal coronets, respectivly and traditionally attributed to Madame de Pompadour and Louis XV King of France.Pompadour Marquise was Louis XV favourite ; the decoration is by repute atributed to Madame de Pompadour born « poisson », and to the King of France.
Bourdaloue cpmes from the french Jesuite’s name, Louis Bourdaloue, one of the most celebrated preacher and grestest orator at that time. ; but the lenfth sermons by Bourdaloue and others to audiences locked in their pewsmeant that society ladies carried their vessels to church with them.
This shape ornated with these armorials are  very rare and unusual to find.
Plates, dishes are less seldom.

Bibliography and related item : An ovoïd shape Bourdaloue illustrated in  « The Choice of The Private Trader » David S Howard page 229 n°271.